Brain over Brawn in Commercial Construction

Of course, you need brawn. That is how you build things. But do not forget the brain that sits over the brawn. A creative contractor leverages experience to save you time, money and headaches. Commercial contracting is not just about the physical activity. Commercial contracting is a cerebral exercise. Contractors are called contractors for a [...]

A Contractor’s Intellectual Capital Can Add Value

Think of a contactor as a resource, not just the firm you chose to build what is given to them on a blueprint. The experience a contractor gains from multitudes of projects with varying customers, settings and situations can be used to an owner’s benefit. The lessons learned from building others’ healthcare facilities, whether they [...]

Collaboration Works for Building Owners

Collaboration brings peace; a refreshing concept these days. Collaboration is a defined delivery method for commercial construction, and implemented more often than one may realize. While there are many types of collaborative delivery, this is specifically an owner selecting an architect and a contractor and asking them to work in harmony and in tandem. Cooperation [...]

Building-In Energy Efficiency

The insulating properties of building envelopes can significantly impact the energy efficiency of the building operation. The construction industry is continually inventing systems to increase the efficiency of buildings and decrease negative environmental impacts to move toward more green building offerings. Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICF, is one system that contributes to creating a green [...]