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Pray Construction has worked with Chase Bank for nearly 20 years. In addition to building branch banks facilities, we renovate interior spaces in the Chase Bank Tower, for the bank directly and for their tenants. We are excellent at providing the space required within the confines of a [...]

Another Pray has 30th Anniversary

Senior Project Manager Ken Cooper Reaches 30 Year Milestone Charleston, West Va., February 19, 2019 – Halfway through his first job at Pray Construction, Ken Cooper thought he may not make it with Pray. Thirty years later and he is a Senior Project Manager and a shareholder of the [...]

Huntington National Bank Regional Headquarters & Retail Space, Charleston, WV

Huntington Banks was on a very fast track to relocate their main downtown retail branch and regional headquarters. Pray delivered. In three months we renovated a 2,000 square foot retail branch and the 12,000 square feet in the tower, for the regional headquarters. Never having worked in the area, Huntington [...]

YMCA Lobby

The YMCA has completed the final phase of their $2.5 construction project with the renovation of the lobby. The final improvements provide a new entrance area, tie in the fitness center and provide a welcoming place to gather, relax, socialize or watch tennis. The tennis viewing area has [...]

University of Charleston’s President’s House

Pray Construction was honored to be involved in a rare residential project, this one for a legacy customer, The University of Charleston. The careful renovation of the historic NoyesYoung house, built in 1922, restored this beautiful home to its original stature, with the intention of gaining historic tax credits. [...]

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