Mark Grigsby, President, Celebrates 30 years at Pray. That is a long time to do most anything!

30 Years at Work for Pray A recent article in the State Journal.  Pray Construction Company has had a long and strong history since its inception in 1984 and Mark Grigsby has been a part of the company’s fabric for most of it. Grigsby celebrates an amazing 30 years at [...]

PROGRESS PHOTOS – Saltworks – Seeing the light at the end of the construction tunnel.

J Q Dickinson Saltworks - The new production building is almost complete and the new space is gorgeous with lots of natural light. The new production building is a great space to work with the salt. The scale, style and color of the new building compliments the property.   The area [...]

Brain over Brawn in Commercial Construction

Of course, you need brawn. That is how you build things. But do not forget the brain that sits over the brawn. A creative contractor leverages experience to save you time, money and headaches. Commercial contracting is not just about the physical activity. Commercial contracting is a cerebral exercise. Contractors [...]

A Contractor’s Intellectual Capital Can Add Value

Think of a contactor as a resource, not just the firm you chose to build what is given to them on a blueprint. The experience a contractor gains from multitudes of projects with varying customers, settings and situations can be used to an owner’s benefit. The lessons learned from building [...]

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