Calhoun Banks Announces A New Branch in Grantsville, WV


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Calhoun Banks New Branch and Drive-Thru

Calhoun Banks Announces New Bank Location
Calhoun Banks to Build a New Branch and Drive-Thru

Grantsville, West Va., August 25, 2017 –Calhoun Banks is pleased to announce plans to build a new 8,000 square foot bank and drive-thru in a convenient location on High Street in Grantsville. In 2015, the board of directors assessed their current location to determine its suitability as a bank. With the assistance of design-builder, Pray Construction, and architect, Jerry Goff, Calhoun Banks studied the layout of their downtown bank and drive-thru. It was quickly evident that a new branch and drive-thru would be a vast improvement in accessibility for customers as well as the efficiency of space and energy. Renovation of the existing space would not solve the significant issues inherent in the current location. A new structure offered a cost savings operationally and would be a sound financial decision.

A site owned by the bank just outside of downtown was identified as the ideal location. The old Grantsville Elementary occupies part of the new site. The school, closed by the county in 2003, was already in poor condition at that time. The school has remained vacant for the past 15 years, and fallen into considerable despair. Though it was determined this building could not be renovated and would need to be removed, there will be an attempt to salvage and reuse some part of the stone foundation or retaining wall to preserve some of the heritage of the old school.

The new main branch and drive-thru will provide Calhoun Banks and its customers a comfortable, energy-efficient, easily accessible facility, offering a significant improvement to the Grantsville area.