Four years after renovating their existing building to start a Teays Valley location for River Ridge, the church responded to growing pains and is adding a 19,000-square foot addition. The addition will feature a 600-seat auditorium and a large, comfortable gathering space. A connector, which joins the existing building the new building, will be two-story with office space and storage. The additional space will give River Ridge – Teays Valley almost 40,000-square feet of worship, learning and fellowship space.

Size: 19,000 Square Feet – New Construction
Owner/Customer: River Ridge- Teays Valley

Weekly Updates

New soffits and duct work are in place for 4th & 5th grade space and the mason is close to having the structural two-story walls topped out.

Update 8/18/17

The connection between old and new is coming together.

Steel is being erected.

The structure is starting to take shape.