Dr. David Judy’s rapidly growing business created a need to build the West Virginia Medical Center. The prominent structure on McCorkle Avenue in South Charleston will have a modern look with a stone and glass façade. Dr. Judy’s WV Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center will occupy the second floor, leaving a gorgeous lobby, common space and a warm, lit shell for future tenant build out on the first floor. Dr. Judy is the only fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon in the area. The building will be completed at the end of January of 2018.

Size: 11,500 Square Feet – New Construction
Owner/Customer: WV Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center

Weekly Updates

Site prep is underway and scaffolding is set up to bring building out of the ground.

Update 8/18/17

The masons have completed the rear stairwell and the scaffolding will be moved to the front stairwell now.

Block for the front stairwell and elevator tower have been laid to floor level. Scaffold will be built and these will be completed next week.

The new storm inlets are installed in the new parking lot. They are grading to subgrade now and placing separation fabric and the first 4″ of gravel at the paved areas.