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Our Owner Group

Pray Construction is a family. We are locally owned and operated and have a group of shareholders who all work for our customers daily.

Left to Right: Ken Cooper, Senior Project Manager / Erich Reggi, Project Manager / Randy Cunningham, Vice President & Director of Operations / Brandon Grigsby, Project Manager / Patrick Beall, Estimator and Mark Grigsby, President.

our owner group, Mark Grigsby - the president

Mark Grigsby


Mark cut his teeth at Pray as a field superintendent in 1987. He has worked his way through the organization. In 2005, in an ownership transition, Mark became majority stockholder and President. Mark understands that our success is based firmly on the satisfaction of our customers and keeps that his focus in all his work.  Mark is the former chair of the YMCA Board of Directors and current board member of HospiceCare and is a new member of the Childhood Language Center.  A graduate of  (learn more)

our owner group, Randy Cunningham - the Vice President and Director of Operations

Randy Cunningham

Vice President and Director of Operations

Randy came to Pray as a superintendent in 1994. As Director of Operations and our resource manager, Randy is responsible for the hiring and supervision of superintendents and trade employees and coordinates their training. He also supervises the efficient deployment of tools, equipment and materials to the construction projects. In addition, Randy oversees the safety director and is responsible for all aspects of site safety. Randy is also very good at keeping the field personnel reminded that we are building for a customer, and they remain the center of our focus. In his other life, Randy is a farmer attending to his cattle on his large farm in Liberty.

our owner group, Ken Cooper - Senior Project Manager

Ken Cooper

Senior Project Manager

Ken came to Pray in 1989, quickly putting his highly developed analytical skills to work. Ken is very detail oriented and flourishes in large, complicated projects. His serious commitment to planning enables him to efficiently orchestrate large, complicated projects. Since 1994, Ken has been our key Senior Project Manager and joined the original shareholder group in 2005. Ken’s attention to detail is appreciated by his customers and his project team. Ken specializes in multi-story buildings and hospital work. He is an avid kayaker and loves to spend time in the woods and on the river.

our owner group, Erich Reggi - Project Manager

Erich Reggi

Project Manager

If you have worked with Erich you know he has a heart as big as his smile. Erich joined the ranks of Pray in 1996, working in estimating and project management. He quickly moved into the role of project manager and became one of the company’s original shareholders in 2005. His unique ability to translate concept into a built environment allows him to help church groups and first time owners conceptualize their vision and develop a project they dreamed of having. Erich’s love for people translates to great relationships with his varied customers. He is very active in his church community and a member of the choir. He is a member of the WV American Baptist Church-Camp Cowen Board.

our owner group, Erich Reggi - Project Manager

Brandon Grigsby

Project Manager

While Brandon thought he might pursue a different career path at one point, it became clear that, like his father, Brandon has construction in his bones. He joined Pray in 2009 and worked his way through the field and office positions to become a shareholder. Since 2012, Brandon has been running jobs as a project manager. His natural interpersonal skills help him thrive in this position, making the sometimes difficult work of taking a team from inception to a completed project seem easy. Brandon has worked on a wide variety of projects, including several large bank projects. Brandon is involved in youth sports in his area and serves on boards of Fellowship of Christian AthletesRonald McDonald House and the YMCA where he sits on the finance committee and chairs the building committee.

our owner group, Erich Reggi - Project Manager

Patrick Beall

Estimating Manager 

Patrick, who joined us in 2006 as an estimator, prepares cost estimates for the construction and renovation of commercial projects. He uses his knowledge and experience with the construction plans and understanding of the owner’s program to prepare the project budget. The estimation includes all the necessary materials, labor and subcontractor resources required for the construction process.