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Who We Are

Pray Construction is much more than a bricks and mortar company. We are experts at the process of helping a customer move from an idea of what they want to build to loving the space the move into. We deliver your project on time, or sooner. We bring your project in on budget, or lower. We leverage our expertise and deep knowledge of every aspect of the building process to Your Benefit. We put our knowledge to work for you. Do you want to know MORE.

who we are as pray construction

WHO WE ARE. We are a family of sincere, dedicated, skilled and motivated people who care about our customers, our coworkers and our community… if we do say so ourselves. We are innovators. We stay abreast of new technology, new materials and new systems, and integrate them to improve your experience and outcome. We are thinkers. We are problem solvers. We are creative. Meet our people.

who we are as pray construction - Another Internal Lunch & Learn

Another Internal Lunch & Learn

who we are as pray construction, Christmas party with friends and family

2016 Christmas Party – The Pray Family & Friends

who we are as pray construction, Our Team Sharpening The Saw

Our Team, Sharpening The Saw