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Our Services

Pray Construction is much more than a bricks and mortar company. We are experts at the process of helping you move from an idea of what you want to build to loving your new building or renovation. We deliver your project on time, or sooner. We bring your project in on budget, or lower. We leverage our expertise and deep knowledge of every aspect of the building process to your benefit. We put our knowledge to work for you.

We offer several services (known in the industry as delivery methods,) depending on your needs. Our core business has evolved into design-build and construction management, because we can serve you better using these approaches.

Design-build gives you one point of contact so you can continue to do your job, whether you are a doctor, lawyer, pastor or any other busy person. The design-builder is the single source of responsibility and contractual risk for every aspect of your project from estimation, pre-construction, construction, interior design, follow through and warranty period. Just one contact. Learn more.

Another tool we use often is Construction Management (CM). As a CM, we facilitate both design and construction through excellent systems for organizing the team and people on them, and all the equipment and materials required for your project.

We focus on design-build and construction management because YOU get more value using these methods. We deliver a quality project on time and on budget, and your stress of a building project is significantly reduced.

If you are just trying to figure out if you need or can manage a new project, let us help you with our Pre-Design and Feasibility Services. We can help you clarify your needs in terms of location, size, scope and timing. We can help you with financing options and timing. Come to us early so we can help you save time and money in the end. Learn more.

Once you have determined you want to pursue a project, let us provide a unique service that provides you a preliminary design and schedule and budget process, before you commit to building anything.  Pre-Construction allows you to visualize your built project, have knowledge of a realistic schedule and have a very early understanding of the final cost. This is an extremely valuable tool that paves the way for a great project if you decide to move forward.

Of course, we are still excellent at the traditional General Contracting service. Also known as design-bid-build, we fully understand the bidding process and will work to get you the best project at the lowest cost possible. We like to remind you that the low bid is often not the best bid. The bid cost often ends up much different that the built cost. When you factor in schedule and stress, it is rarely the best choice.

Regardless of the delivery method, we are always on time and on budget.